As a side project, I am creating a new Project Type for Visual Studio using Managed Package Framework from VS 2005 SDK.
I have read an excellent post on the matter, so mostly it was a piece of cake.
But I had one problem: Build was not available as a menu item and Build Selection was greyed out when I selected my custom project.

Adding Target Name=”Build” to the project template and specifying it in DefaultTargets did not help.

After some experiments I have found out a minimal *proj file that has Build menu item available (if you have already inherited the MPF ProjectNode).
It is quite interesting:

<Project xmlns="">
  <PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(Configuration)' == 'Debug' " />

It seems that the Configuration comparison gets parsed into the Configuration values for this project.
I am not sure whether Visual Studio or MPF does this.

Of course, if you actually want this menu item to work, you will have to add a default target, but that’s quite easy.